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5 Ways You Grow As You Travel

January 23, 2016

Growing as a Traveller

There are many different ways everyone grows as a traveller. We all have different experiences and adventures. There are different ways we go about situations and our personalties are all different. Some may experience different growth on the road than others. There is one thing for certain though, you are never the same person after you travel.

You Build Confidence
Before you start your adventure into the big wide open world, it doesn’t matter where your confidence level is. Because, at the end of your journey your confidence changes in a way you couldn’t begin to imagine. Your personality and your spirit grow, you feel bolder, more outgoing and hold yourself in a way you once didn’t. You achieve personal abilities you otherwise may not have had. You will be walking a road you have never walked and you will be in situations you have never been in before. The more you are pushed out of your comfort zone, the more you are going to grow. Meeting new people and gaining the new friends you are sure to make, will let you have confidence in growing all different kinds of relationships. After you have traveled you truly do come out your shell and your confidence will be soaring!

No longer scared of my own shadow

No longer scared of my own shadow

You Become More Open-Minded
 You should always go into anything with an open mind. What you see and do on your travels, opens your mind up to a whole new level of perspective. The culture, the people, the adventures, the journey and the history you see along the way, opens your eyes to a new world. You walk away thinking anything you set out to do now is possible.

You Learn To Live Without
On your very first travel adventure you will always pack a few items that you won’t even look at while you are on the road. These items end up being the biggest waste of space ever! But don’t worry we have all done this! I was a rookie once too, and I took a few to many items when I packed a backpack for the very first time. You learn as you go on what you need and what you don’t need. It also makes you think about what to buy along the way. After your journey, and your back home facing the harsh reality of what others call ‘real life’ you begin to realise how little you really need. You don’t need all those possessions. After all, it was just you and your backpack along the way and I bet you coped just fine!


You Embrace Change
Change can be a scary thing! When you travel, you are changing all the time. You may have everything planned, everywhere you want to go and everything you want to see is all written down and something happens that doesn’t go your way. Destinations can change if you are winging it and have nothing planned. You never know until you are on your journey. This isn’t a bad thing and change isn’t a bad thing, nor should it be scary. Whether a change is made by you or an unexpected bump in the road changes your travels, embrace it! Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. You never know, something amazing might just come of it!


The end of a day, is a beginning of a new one.

You Lose Sight Of Who You Are
This is a good thing! You lose sight of who you are and find yourself along the way. When you embark on your first journey you might know who you are, or you are doing this journey to go find yourself. Regardless, you dig deeper within yourself and who you are as a person when you travel. You will start becoming great things you thought you weren’t before. You will begin to lose sight on who you thought you were and see yourself in a different way. You discover how small you are in such a big wide world.

I am just a small girl in a big world

I am just a small girl in a big world

 How have you grown as a traveller?

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