Travel is the passion that defines who I am. Six years ago at the age of 21, I had this crazy idea to quit my job, pack my backpack and go backpacking through Europe. Nine months of craziness, partying, navigating through cobblestone streets, sightseeing, meeting new people, hoping in a van with new found friends, trying new things and growing as a person. That journey, had me catching a serious case of wanderlust.

Since then I have travelled through South East Asia relaxing on pristine beaches, eating local food, drinking my fair share of cocktails and seeing temples that I’ll never get sick of marvelling over. I’ve done a road trip in a van with no air-conditioning for 8 weeks in the middle of summer through the USA, lived in and experienced temperatures in the minuses in a few places that will always be in my heart in Canada. I took my first solo adventure through Central America, where I fell in love with a kind of freedom I had never felt or experienced. Oh and every kind of empanada you can imagine, really does exist! They are frickin delicious!

A fun loving Australian with a big heart, that has been bitten by the ever wonderful travelbug. I still and always will have the need to seek out new places and go on big adventures.

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What is Live Dream Wander?

Live Dream Wander has come about to share my travelling lifestyle, inspirations, and adventures. After being in the same career for nearly a decade it has now come to a time to get out of my Beauty Therapy bubble and expand into the world of writing.

With a huge list of upcoming destinations for 2016, I’m on the journey of a life time!  A lover of animals, adventuring into the unknown, laughing out loud, being silly and stepping off the plane, train, or bus into a new country, this life is turning out to be one hell of a ride!

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2016/2017 Adventures

After completing my journey through Central America, I have a new found love for travel (if it was possible to love travel even more!) Travelling solo is a completely different world, a world I want to hold onto. I’m looking forward to my next adventures and this new chapter in my life of a solo female traveller!

North America: Las Vegas, Seattle, New Orleans, Whistler, San Francisco
Europe: Hungary and Croatia
South America: Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil


Come join me why don’t you!!??

Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, 
I shall happily be infected until the end of my life 
– Michael Palin –

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