Zen Out In Tulum

March 10, 2016

I had heard that Tulum was a lot more chilled than Playa Del Carmen. And they weren’t wrong! Tulum is exactly the place to come if you want to connect with your inner zen god or goddess. With beautiful white sand beaches, clear blue water, yoga studios, and more organic vegan cafes and restaurants than taco stands. Tulum Town is a small easy to explore town and the best way to get around is by bike.


Biking it
I hired my bike from Iguanas Bike Hire. I got a discount here because I stayed at Mama’s Home. Normal rate is 80 Pesos ($6) all day up until 6pm. Tulum isn’t short on bike rentals around town and the prices are all the same, as it is competitive for a small town. Once you have that old school cruiser hired, head down to the beach. It’s about a 6 kilometre or so cruise down to the beach, on an all flat road. Riding there was relaxing and the days that I went, it was pretty quiet. After a long straight stretch of riding, you come to an intersection.

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Turning Left
Turning left leads you to the public beach access. About 5 minutes down the road, you will come to a bike parking section, you can’t miss it. You can pull up here and head straight down to the beach. I did this for about 10 minutes, then realised it was to busy and I wasn’t in the mood to listen to the guy next to me play his techno music on the loudest setting through his portable speakers. I jumped back on my cruiser and headed down the road about another 5-10 minutes that lead me to some resorts. I walked through the Santa Fe Resort, to a much quieter beach, with no one playing any techno music, destroying my zen like status. Santa Fe also does a mean cocktail.






Turning Right
This part was my favourite part of all Tulum. This is where you can totally bliss out and totally connect with your inner zen. My first day biking here, I only biked down this section about 10 minutes and I didn’t realise that is just the start of it. The next day I was determined to bike the whole road, to see what else I could find. I am so glad I did! Just keep biking. It’s an easy cruise and eventually you will start to see cheap taco stands, cafes offering fresh squeezed juices and homemade kombucha, boutique shops with handmade clothing and jewellery, and always the colourful gallery souvenir and art shops. I was in heaven. There were signs for yoga classes at different times throughout the day. One resort was even offering bikini bootcamp. Whatever floats your boat! In some ways I wish I had stayed down this end of Tulum. Oh well, there’s always next time! The bike in was relaxing and much needed after all those pulled pork tacos I am now completely addicted to.










Where To Eat

Sabor De La Mar 
3 large fried tacos, stuffed with marinated marlin fish, for 65 Pesos ($5.) Enough said. In Tulum Town.

Safari Tacos
A whole lot of tacos. 20 Pesos each ($1.50.) This little van on the side of the road, if you turned right, was treat to find. I can never have to many cheap tacos.

I only had a juice here, but it was worth the mention. Super friendly service, vegan options and the setting was awesome. My juice was 60 Pesos ($4.50.) Located 10 minutes down the road, on the ‘right side.’

Instant Ice-Cream
You have to stop here! Fresh vegan ice-cream, yum! The cutest, friendliest Mexican couple run this little van on the side of the road. It is located on the side of the path, that leads to the beach. You can’t miss it. You can choose from about 20 flavours. I waited about 10 minutes for my ice-cream, that was because it’s made fresh. Literally. You can see the lady cutting up fresh ingredients, she puts the ingredients in a blender with coconut milk, hands the blended up ingredients to her husband, and he puts the smoothie on a cold plate that is -30C. There you have instant, fresh, vegan ice-cream.


Where I Stayed

I stayed at Hostel Mama’s Home. One of the better hostels I have stayed at. Not only that, they do an amazing breakfast. This is not your average 2 pieces of toast with butter that doesn’t even spread, because it’s as hard as a rock. The breakfast they serve at Mama’s Home is nothing short of gourmet. They swap between a sweet day and savoury day. Delicious!


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