My Amazing Day With Local Quickies

March 9, 2016

Do you know when you go on a day tour and you finish the day underwhelmed and wonder why you even got out of bed? Local Quickies Signature Excursion, is NOT one of those tours! Every minute of my time spent on this tour was amazing and I finished the day fully satisfied with a big smile on my face. Alex our driver for the day picked me up from my hotel at 8am. When all our group was collected, we made our way to the Local Quickies office, to collect our snorkel and fins. Amy the owner greeted us and introduced us to our guide for the day, Patrick. One of the highlights for me on this tour was Patrick himself. He felt like an old friend I had known for years. I loved talking to him and sharing stories.




Very Sexy!


Once we had our snorkel masks and fins fitted, we bundled back into our van, taking us to our first stop for the day, a sea life reserve along Tulum Beach. We were told it was home to an abundance of sea life including, turtles and stingrays. Patrick told us not to touch the sea life or stand on the coral. He also told us, not to ride the turtles. We all laughed thinking it was a joke. Sadly, it was not. Can you believe that some people have actually tried to ride the turtles!?





I put on my life jacket, got my masked adjusted and I was ready to head into the water. Once our group was in, Patrick led us around pointing out different sea creatures. When he spotted our first turtle for the snorkel, I was so excited! Then, there was another turtle and another turtle! I was thinking we would be lucky to spot one, we spotted at least 8 beautiful turtles, all different sizes. They live in this reserve for the first 25 years of their life, feasting on the sea grass on the ocean floor in shallows. It was fascinating and satisfying seeing these gorgeous animals in their natural habitat, instead of in a zoo.





The snorkel lasted about an hour or so. I wasn’t timing it, nor did I feel like it was rushed. We dried off, got back into the van, had some snacks and we were on our way to a Cenote. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much out of the Cenote, a fresh water lake or pool. It tuned out to be my favourite part of the day. It was so beautiful and peaceful, I could of happily spent all day there. I wasn’t going to go swimming or snorkelling in the Cenote, but with Patrick’s encouragement, I jumped right in! You have to make sure you snorkel in the Cenote. I thought it was beautiful outside of the Cenote, it’s just a beautiful under the surface. After feeling some inner peace and zen at the Cenote, we walked back to our van via a small Mayan Village.












DSCN0599 (1)

Time for lunch! At the start of the day, Amy asked if we all liked pork and if it was ok to take us to a hole in the wall restaurant. I was super keen, these are the best places! It didn’t disappoint! I’m pretty sure it was the best pulled pork taco I ever had! I could have these delicious tacos everyday of the week and never get sick them.

Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated



Making The Tortillas

Making The Tortillas

When I bellies where full, we off again. Next stop was a chill and relax on Tulum beach, while we waited for our 80 foot catamaran to sail in and collect us for the grand finale of the day. Tulum Beach is so nice and the water is so clear and blue, it almost looks fake. I sat watching a game of beach soccer, very content. I noticed a local fishing boat pull up on the shore and birds such as, seagulls, pelicans and a few others I didn’t recognise rush towards the local fisherman. Patrick said they were bringing in the catch of the day and took me over to have look. The birds swarmed around us to catch left over bait the fishermen were throwing out for them.

DSCN0642  DSCN0649  DSCN0663  DSCN0664

We were on the beach for about 45 minutes. Once our catamaran had anchored we were taken out to it on a small boat. This was such an amazing end to what had already been such an amazing day, a sunset cruise with an open bar! Ah, yes please! I was as blissed out as I could get during the 3 hour sail back to the Local Quickies office. Even more so after 3 impressively made margaritas! It was an opportunity to swap stories and chat with my tour group buddies. Music was pumping but not annoyingly so, Patrick was serving a deliciously freshly made guacamole with corn chips that he had just made himself, and the crew was busy putting up the sails and serving us just about any drink we wanted.




When our day came to a close and we were sailing into the canal where the office is located. I had such a big smile plastered to my face! The whole day I never felt rushed and I also never felt like we spent to much time anywhere. Local Quickies made me feel welcome from the very minute I got into the van when Alex picked me up. I felt like they were welcoming back an old friend. All during the day everything was explained to us and Patrick educated us on local life. I never went hungry or thirsty with never ending snacks and bottled water.



Blowing The Shell Like a Pro, I Thought It Was a Horn!

Blowing The Shell Like a Pro, I Thought It Was a Horn!

I absolutely cannot talk highly enough about Patrick our guide for the day. The passion and enthusiasm he radiated throughout the day was infectious. I will always remember my day with Local Quickies and every time I think about it that big beaming smile spreads across my face. Good times and good memories!


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Company: Local Quickies

Tour: Signature Excursion

If you don’t want to snorkel for the first part of the day and want to get your heart pumping with a zipline over a lagoon, Local Quickies also offers the Zipline, Cenote, Catamaran Excursion, which swaps the snorkel for the zipline.

Note: Thank you to Local Quickies for providing me with this tour! All opinions of my experience are written honestly, and as always, are entirely my own!

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  • Reply genie March 10, 2016 at 8:28 PM

    would like to thank you for the wonderful review you posted because of the richness of the fotos you posted. have read many regarding my son’s tours and both of my grandsons doing a wonderful job but none had the abundance of pics showing so much of interest.

    • Reply Shara March 11, 2016 at 5:23 PM

      That’s ok Genie! I really enjoyed my day! And I had to share the great photos I took!

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