Photo Of The Month

Photo Of The Month No.3

April 1, 2016

I think I have officially worn this photo out! It’s just that, I frikin LOVE this photo! If I do say so myself! For me it represents the freedom I feel on my first solo journey. I have no idea why I haven’t made a solo trip before this. I have no words to describe how good it feels, to be navigating my way through Central America solo. I feel empowered, strong, and confident in ways I haven’t felt before.

Getting off that plane in Mexico, I was thinking ‘what the fuck have I done? I can’t do this!’ I am sure we have all had those moments and this was a big one of those moments for me. Within a few days, a few too many tacos later, (actually can you ever have enough tacos?) and a sunburn feeling like it came from the depths of hell, I was in the swing of things.

What a pleasure it is to do whatever the hell you want! There’s no one else to please but yourself, you don’t have to work around anybody and have I mentioned, you can do whatever the hell you want! The feeling of this freedom is a pleasure, that is hard to describe and the fact that I can, and I am doing this, is a feeling I never want to let go of. This month I fell in love with Mexico. I got into the true rusta spirit, I didn’t bother brushing my hair in Belize, causing small dreadlocks to start forming. In Guatemala, I stared at ruins that were built hundreds of years ago by the Mayan People. Lake Atitlan captured my heart, and Honduras is so far growing on me.

I am now summing up my twenties in two parts.
Part One – My early twenties. Meeting my now ex partner, who I travelled with for 5 years.
Part Two – My late twenties. (I can’t believe my twenties are almost over!) The start of the exciting solo travel.

With still a full month to go on my first solo journey, I thought life was an adventure before, now I realise this is just the beginning.

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