Those Who Don’t Travel – An Inside Look

February 3, 2016

We hear a lot about travel, it is everywhere. How it changes you as a person, gets you out of your comfort zone, takes us on adventures, the list could go on. All of these stories come from people like me who travel and write about it. There’s solo travellers, couple travellers, travellers over 50, family travellers and all other travellers in between. Have you ever stopped and thought about the ones that don’t travel? That simply have no desire and have a happy fulfilled life without the urge to head abroad? I know, I know, crazy right? But maybe we travellers are the crazy ones?

I’m guilty of having tunnel vision, thinking that life could not be complete without going out into the big wide open world and travelling. I mean, why would anyone not travel? I still do think that life could not be complete without travel, but my life could not be complete without it. That doesn’t mean that someone else’s life couldn’t be complete without it. When you have been travelling for the past 6 years you meet so many travellers along the way, you start thinking the whole world is made up of travellers. I realised this when I met my fiancé. I couldn’t believe that he had only been to four countries! Here I was saying “You’ve only been to four countries? WTF?” Like I was all more the wiser for having been to over 20 countries. As I said, I had traveller tunnel vision.

I cleared my tunnel vision and I began to realise that there are people out there, who of course, don’t travel and are quite happy not travelling. I did some investigating, because it intrigues me and still does intrigue me. I wanted to know what a life would be like not revolving completely around travel. I dug around and found a few lovely ladies and my very own fiancé (ok, so it wasn’t hard to dig around for that one!) to answer some curious questions I had about their lives without travel. I asked the same questions, because I knew I would get different answers from each person.

Why don’t you have a desire to travel? What is it that doesn’t interest you? Do you take your annual leave days and if so where do you go and what do you do? What do you do to get out of your comfort zone?

Sheree, Australia
Meeting my now husband so young, may be where the need to not travel started. I watched as my friends travelled near and far. Friends came into my life, and out again to travel and adventure. Here I was happy as pig in poo to stay home and feel content. I have always been a home body. The day to day jobs that have me out of my house, had better be worth it. Most times I just want to go home back to my comfort zone. My bed, my wardrobe, my fridge and my familiarity.

I guess you could almost say the unknown somewhat scares me. After having my two babies, I have even a lesser need to travel. I couldn’t bare to leave them, and no way am I dragging them with me (as I said a trip to the shops better have a good reason.) I have no need, nor want to expeirence others places. My mind, spirit and body is content right here where I call home. Although, I could be swayed if someone wants to shout me a trip to Hawaii!? I’m there! No kids allowed!


Patti, Canada
Well, hmm let me think…. When I was younger, I always really wanted to travel. I planned on living like a total transient. But that’s because the town I grew up in wasn’t very much fun. It wasn’t very cultured or involving. When I moved to Fernie, B.C, I guess I found what I’d been looking for. I couldn’t imagine spending my time in a better place. That’s not to say I want to stay in Fernie forever and always. I like taking little trips here and there. I’d really like to go to Italy like ASAP. But, when I went to an all-inclusive Mexican resort a couple years back, I was surprised with how little I enjoyed the experience. I think because there might have been a lot of high profile crime in the country at that time, I was really nervous the whole time I was there.

I felt trapped on the resort because I was so scared of what I might run into outside of the walls. But at the same time, I was dying in the resort because it wasn’t the exciting adventure I wanted it to be. Can’t win I guess! I think travelling gives me a bit of anxiety because I know all the awful things that could go wrong while travelling and that scares me. I’d way rather go down the street to go fishing if I want to see beautiful scenery. Plus my family lives in Ontario and it costs about $800CAD for those flights so if I get leave days, it’s probably going to be spent going to see them.


Caitlin, Australia
I was very fortunate to travel overseas a few times as a child. My family are originally from Belfast, Ireland so I did visit my grandparents there (who have now passed) a few times. Perhaps if I had them to still visit it would be something I would desire to do. I don’t like the idea of travelling for months or weeks on end. A month absolute maximum I think I could stand and this would be pushing it as I love the comfort of my home. I like to do things in my own time often and do not like being controlled, so a tour (contiki, etc) has never appealed to me. Nor do I like being around people non stop (not to say I am anti-social, but sometimes I find my own company gives me sanity and clarity).

I like organization and things to go to plan which isn’t always the case with travelling. I also like the ability to get up and leave the comfort of my own space if I am bored uncomfortable, something you can not necessarily do whilst travelling. I used to get travel sick, this puts me off long journeys on boats, planes, buses, etc. Financial burden – I am not someone who could stay in a backpackers. Its just not for me.

Yes, I regularly take annual leave. Most of the time it is for study purposes, to complete exams. In the event that I do take a week off, with no study commitments, I usually spend it at home. I appreciate being home to relax, with no deadlines. I am always so busy. I work in retail 2 days a week, I study full-time and also run my own business. During these times I do normal things people do on a holiday, spa treatments, beach trips, reading, walks, movies and wining & dining. If I take a mini-break away from home my first choice is always a city – usually Sydney, which I know quite well.

Depending on what your view of living out of comfort zone is. I feel I live outside my comfort zone, although I am a home-body, I am not a creature of habit, but I most certainly would not call myself adventurous. I try new things and visit new places but I do not like taking risks, I like to make careful decisions. I am also not an outdoor or sport person.


Jim, Canada
It’s not that I don’t want to travel. I want to do short adventure trips. I want to delve into a different culture and see how other cultures live. I couldn’t go for weeks or months backpacking from one country to the next. If I was going to go to a different country, I would stay in that country for a couple of weeks and explore just that region. I like the history of places, that’s what I want to see and learn. I want to hike and look out on the scenery. But when I went to Japan, I thought it was going to be such a cool culture shock and the adventures I would be doing would be awesome. I didn’t find that. I was only there for 10 days, maybe it wasn’t long enough.

At the moment my study is getting me out of my comfort zone. I mean anything new you do is getting you out of your comfort zone, isn’t it? Every time I clean your cats litter box, I’m getting out of my comfort zone! (Ah, yeah thanks babe!) I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world in my opinion, so when I take my annual leave days or vacation leave, I want to spend time exploring my own country. The best hiking, fishing and camping can be found around here.


I love the differences of these answers. Just like when you ask a traveller why do they travel, each answer is different. We each live our lives differently. If you want to travel, go for it! If you don’t want to travel, go for it! Life is short, live it! Whatever you choose to do, from camping, fishing, spending time with family, kicking butt studying and working, exploring your own country, or travelling the world. Make the most of it and do what makes you happy!

Are you are traveller or a non-traveller? What gets you out of your comfort zone?


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