Worst Travel Advice You Can Give a Traveller

February 15, 2016

Ever gotten really crappy travel advice from someone? Or, travel advice that you have received about a thousand times already? Is it just me or is it really annoying!? Here I am counting down the days (15 sleeps!) until I embark on my first solo adventure. All my other travels were done with my ex partner and I am looking forward to embracing this new chapter in my life. I travelled with him for roughly 4 and a bit years and I didn’t get even a quarter of some of the ‘advice’ that I am getting since I announced my first solo journey.

I know the advice I receive is innocent enough and I would understand if this was my very first time travelling and I would take it on the chin. But many people I know are starting to freak the heck out! I actually do appreciate advice when I ask for it, or when I’m reading it. Plus, I am here to write about travel advice for other travellers, solo goers and those of you thinking of taking your first adventure. The difference is, I am not going to give you a load of unwanted advice that makes you want to roll your eyes so damn dramatically and scream WELL DUH!!! I know, I’m mean aren’t I!?

Stay Safe
This is not the worst travel advice and I love my family and friends for innocently advising me to stay safe. It’s just that, if I hear this one more time, I’m going to scream! Of course anyone that travels is going to try their best to stay safe, unless they are completely lacking of common sense. Am I right!?

Don’t Get Kidnapped
Yep, I actually got told to not get kidnapped, and by my bank teller no less! I was at the bank asking her to make notes of what countries I will be in through Central America and she spills out this beauty. Seriously, are you actually telling me not to get kidnapped? I would really hate it if I happened to get kidnapped and I will try my very very hardest to not get snatched when I am walking down the street.


I Wouldn’t Go Solo If I Were You
Why? Is it because I am a female? Is it because you don’t think I am capable? One of the reasons I started this blog and I am going to be journeying alone, is because there are so many amazing, bold, adventures solo female travellers out there inspiring each and everyone of us to take a little journey in this life. I look up to these kick-arse women and I want to be someone to look up to as well. Male or female, solo travel has been and can be done.

Don’t Walk Anywhere By Yourself
I’m not, not going to be walk somewhere by myself. If I was so worried about this I wouldn’t even leave the grounds of my hostel in fear of, what exactly? There would be no point in going. I’m not silly, I am not going to get absolutely wasted and walk home at 2am in the morning alone down a sketchy alley. There is a bit of common sense up in this blonde head of mine.


Don’t Drink The Water
I have been to enough countries to know that I shouldn’t just go ahead and fill up my bottle with tap water without researching if it is safe to drink or not.

Don’t Eat Street Food
Whatever you do, don’t eat the street food or you’ll be sick for days. Make sure you stick to eating in restaurants, they are much cleaner. Well, do you go to markets and eat from the market stalls? I bet you do! Street food is extremely similar to that. I love street and some of the best food I have had around the world has been off vendors selling their deliciously made food from the side of the road. I have been sick from a very well known 5 star restaurant in Phuket, Thailand. Has it ever been proven that restaurants are cleaner than the street food vendors?


Don’t Go There, I heard It’s Expensive
I heard this one before I went to Japan, from someone who hadn’t even been to Japan themselves. Not going because it’s a more expensive country than others, isn’t going to stop me. It shouldn’t stop anyone from travelling. There are always cheaper ways to travel and loads of budget friendly options. Do your research, read travel blogs, buy yourself a Lonely Planet travel guide and brush up on those budget tips for that country.

Don’t Go There, It’s Dirty
Yes, some countries are more ‘dirty’ than others. That, in my opinion is the beauty about travel. The adventure of it all. You need to realise that not all countries are the same. You will experience dust, fumes, smells, cultural differences, mud, murky water and a whole lot more when you travel. It’s called an open mind, you should try it sometime.


Travel Now When You Can
Is travelling when I am older not achievable? My grandparents, both in their late 70’s, did a few weeks in Italy in early 2015 and they rocked it! I read some awesome blogs of travelling families globetrotting with their children. There is no right time to travel. I will be travelling, like my grandparents, way up until my late 70’s and beyond.


Make Sure You Have Everything Planned
Make sure you have everything planned, you won’t want something to go wrong. I must admit I book most of my accommodation ahead of time. I’m not one to wander around not knowing where I will be staying that night. That said, I don’t plan everything down to the tiniest detail. Most of my travels something has always goes not as planned. Travelling is like that and you must accept that a certain situation may not always go as you have planned it.

Don’t Go There, It’s To Hot, Cold, Rainy Etc
Rain, hail, shine, snow, whatever! The weather isn’t going to stop me from taking an adventure. You could go to some tropical island paradise and end up in the middle of a cyclone. Mother nature can be a cruel bitch, but weather happens and it should not stop you going anywhere!

I take it in my stride, and never tell anyone off for giving me their advice. Maybe I should work on my zen.

What is the worst travel advice you have received?

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  • Reply The Barefoot Backpacker February 19, 2016 at 11:12 AM

    Haha, I love that: “Don’t get kidnapped!”, indeed. And in any case, it’s not like you’d have a choice about it – like someone would come up to you in the street and say ‘hey, do you fancy being kidnapped for a few days?’!

    My friends have told me ‘Don’t get arrested” and “Don’t get shot”, although this is in part because a) they think all my destinations are ‘dangerous’ in some way, but also b) my personality in general has made me be known to be a little ‘petulant’ at times; given also my general frustration at both bureaucracy and authority, this means I am, possibly more than most backpackers, liable to mouth-off at the wrong people in uniform … :p

    But yes, I’ve heard pretty much all of these. My answer to two of them is: “I’m British; everywhere is both cheaper than home and has better weather. Bring it on!”.


    • Reply Shara February 19, 2016 at 9:36 PM

      Haha don’t get arrested! I actually would have laughed if my friends had said “don’t get kidnapped.” But being told that by my bank teller! Oh geez! I have stopped responding to advice, I just nod and agree politely, while rolling my eyes in my head! People need to get out and have more adventures and see it isn’t as dangerous as the think!

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